Author: vrg@swathish

Does a business need website? Why?

In 2023, it is very important for any business to have a strong online presence irrespective of any size of business. In digital age, a website is not just a luxury but it is a crucial thing that can impact the success of any business in several ways. Below are the seven reasons to justify […]

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FAQs about Data Science

At VRG Technologies, we receive lots of questions from people who are interested in learning Data Science and would like to know the pre requisites before joining into this course. So our Data Science trainers at VRG Technologies who are experts in Data Science have taken up few questions and have answered. If you have […]

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Why is optimizing BIO important on Instagram?

Optimizing your bio on Instagram is important because it gives people a quick overview of who you are and what your business or account is all about. A well-written bio can help you attract new followers and potential customers, as it allows you to clearly communicate your brand message and value proposition. Here are a […]

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