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Advanced MS Office Training and Certification in Madipakkam, Chennai

About MS Office

Explore the intricate depths of Microsoft Office with our advanced course, designed to elevate your proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Learn advanced Excel array formulas for dynamic data insights, master collaborative editing in Word, craft sophisticated PowerPoint presentations, and transform Outlook into a productivity hub.

Advanced MS Office

Gaining proficiency in advanced Excel enables users to fully utilize data analysis and reporting capabilities. With tools like ARRAY FORMULAS, INDEX-MATCH, Power Query, PivotTables, and VBA macros, you can perform accurate computations and automate tasks. Advanced charting methods and conditional formatting enhance data visualization and reporting.

MS Office with ChatGPT

Integrate ChatGPT with Microsoft Office to enhance your experience. Easily create captivating PowerPoint presentations, generate data-rich Excel reports, and expand content in Word. Improve teamwork in Microsoft Teams with insights from ChatGPT and expedite Outlook email correspondence with natural language writing.

MS Office Course Syllabus


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