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Starting a business should be simple. We believe in the power of business startup to change lives and change the world.

Create Websites

Our team will help you create Static, Ecommerce and Learning Management websites based upon your business
We also setup tools to monitor the traffic to your website and to check which page performs better and what needs to be optimized.


Making the website stand out of the crowd (Google Search Engine) is the most important factor.
We have our team to do Competitor Research, Keyword Research and create content that drives traffic to the website.

Manage your Social Media

Creating and Managing social media profiles in Facebook, Instagram etc i.e., where our target customers are is crucial factor in determining which social media platform our business should be available.

Content writing

Content writing is the most important type of marketing. Our team will help your businesses by creating amazing content that will enhance the traffic to your website.
We understand your businesses and create different types of content and optimize it.

About Us

Digital Marketing Solutions

We at VRG Technologies in Madipakkam, have a wonderful team of Digital Marketers who will help you in scaling up your business online. Whether your business is a growing startup or an established firm, our customized solutions and contemporary skills deliver results.

We believe that establishing online presence is the most essential factor in recent years because our target customers are mostly available in online platforms. 

Our Team will be able to assist you and come up optimal plans based on your budget thereby we can achieve 100% customer satisfaction

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We create websites and campaigns that expose new opportunities

website design & development
social media Marketing

We match your unique business needs with our deep understanding of freelancer behaviour

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We provide Digital Marketing Solutions for your businesses by creating your websites, creating and optimizing your social media profiles.