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Explore the intricate depths of Microsoft Office, delving into Excel’s advanced array formulas for dynamic data insights. Elevate Word documents with masterful styles, section breaks, and collaborative editing. Craft sophisticated PowerPoint presentations with embedded multimedia and nuanced animations, while Outlook transforms into a productivity hub. Uncover the intricacies, challenge yourself to redefine proficiency, and master the diverse capabilities of Microsoft Office.


Advanced MS Office

Gaining proficiency in advanced Excel enables users to fully utilize data analysis and reporting capabilities. With sophisticated tools like ARRAY FORMULAS and INDEX-MATCH, you may explore large, complicated data sets and perform accurate computations and information retrieval. For fluid data transformations, use Power Query and PivotTables for dynamic data summarizing. Use VBA macros to increase productivity by automating tedious processes. Investigate sophisticated charting methods for efficient trend and pattern visualization. Use conditional formatting and data validation to create error-free, aesthetically pleasing spreadsheets. Users who are proficient in these advanced Excel functions have an advantage when it comes to data-driven reporting and decision-making.

MS office with Chatgpt

Using ChatGPT with Microsoft Office will enhance your experience.
Easily create captivating PowerPoint presentations, leverage ChatGPT’s analytical powers into data-rich Excel reports, and transform documents in Word with AI-driven content expansion. Improve teamwork in Microsoft Teams with insights from ChatGPT, and expedite your Outlook email correspondence with help from natural language writing. Accept ChatGPT’s potential to improve your Office workflow and produce more smart and productive work.

MS Office Course Syllabus

MS Word
  • Creating Word Document, Editing and formatting
  • Formatting with Fonts, Bullets, Paragraph
  • Table and page Formatting
  • Header and Footer
  • Layouts
  • Track Changes and Mail Merge
  • Other day today required features
  • Security
MS Excel
  • Creating Spread Sheets, Editing features.
  • Working with basic formulae
  • Working with Tables, Charts and Conditional Formatting.
  • Filters, Data Sort, Data validation, Goal Seek.
  • Pivot Table.
  • Inserting new Spread Sheet and naming and referencing through formula
  • Advanced excel formulae
MS Access
  • Overview
  • Creating Table and Relations Table
  • Querying Table
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Basic Layout designs
  • Inserting text
  • Tables
  • Pictures
  • Icons
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Slide Show
MS Outlook
  • Working with emails
  • Meeting schedules
  • Signature
  • Auto reply
  • Folders Organization in Inbox
  • Email Merge 
Advanced Excel in AI
  • What is Chat GPT?
  • Strategies for crafting effective prompts
  • Personalize Chat GPT
  • Email prompting
  • Code prompting
  • Chat GPT Plus featured
  • Manual to Automatic Data Entry using OCR
  • Dynamic Office 365 Filter Formula to get Multiple Answers using Formula
  • Creating Reports using Al
  • Designing Presentations using Al
  • Making an entire PPT using Al
  • Using Rehearse Coach to be the best presenter of your office
  • Data Manipulation Techniques
    • Sorting and filtering data
    • Advanced data validation
    • Data cleaning and transformation
    • Text-to-columns and data consolidation
    • Data import/export options
  • Data Analysis with PivotTables and Power Pivot
  • PivotTable creation and customization
  • Advanced PivotTable techniques (calculated fields, slicers, grouping)
  • Introduction to Power Pivot and its advantages
  • Creating relationships between multiple data sources
  • Data Visualization and Conditional Formatting
    • Advanced charting techniques (combining chart types, secondary axes)
    • Conditional formatting techniques (color scales, data bars, icon sets)
  • Automating Tasks with Macros
EXCEL Formulas with covered under Advanced excel
Basic Aggregations
  • SUM
  • MAX
  • MIN
Introduction of Cell Referencing
  • Cell Referencing – Using $
  • Absolute vs. Relative vs Hybrid Referencing
  • Benefits of Cell Referencing
  • TRIM
  • LEN
DATE Functions
  • TODAY Function
  • DAY Function
  • MONTH Function
  • YEAR Function
  • DATE Function
  • WEEKDAY Function
  • WEEKNUM Function
  • DATEVALUE Function
  • EDATE Function
  • EOMONTH Function
  • INTL Function
  • INTL Function
  • DATEDIF Function
  • DAYS Function
  • NOW Function
  • HOUR Function
  • MINUTE Function
  • SECOND Function
  • TIME Function
  • TIMEVALUE Function
  • Date Formatting using Custom Formatting
  • Date Formatting using Formula
  • Time Formatting using Custom Formatting
  • Time Formatting using Formula
IF Function
  • Single Condition
  • Multiple Conditions / Nested IF() statements
  • IF with AND()
  • IF with OR()
EXCEL Functions
  • ABS
  • MATH
  • MATH
VLOOKUP Function
  • Basic VLOOKUP Function
  • VLOOKUP – Format issues in Lookup_Value
  • VLOOKUP – Error Handling
  • VLOOKUP with MATCH Function
  • VLOOKUP with Approx Match
HLOOKUP Function
XLOOKUP Function
  • Basic XLOOKUP Function
Pivot Tables
  • Proper Header row
  • Summarize Values By | Field Settings (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN etc.)
  • Refresh a Pivot Table
  • Grouping – Date Values | (Group by Days, Months, Quarter, Year, etc)
  • Grouping – by Ranges | Numbers (Example Sales Amount)
  • Grouping – Text field | Manual Grouping
  • Summarize Values By | Field Settings (SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN etc.)
  • Show Value as | (Percentage of Column Total, Percentage Of ___, Difference From etc, Running Total In )
  • Filtering Data using SLICER
New Array Functions
  • UNIQUE Function
  • SORT Function
  • SORTBY Function
  • FILTER Function
  • SEQUENCE Function
  • Creating Charts
  • Types of Charts
  • Editing Charts – Part 1
  • Editing Charts – Part 2
  • Using Graphics to Enhance Charts
  • Linking Chart Title

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